Andy Fletcher, MM0GYG

Hello and welcome to my web site. I live in a beautiful city called Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

I am fully licensed as MM0GYG. My previous callsigns were 2M0NDI (intermediate) and MM6AAF (foundation). I have also used MA0GYG.

QSL Information

  • QTH: Edinburgh
  • DXCC Entity: Scotland
  • CQ Zone: 14
  • ITU Zone: 27
  • Location: IO85jw
    • click on ‘distance’ in the More ▼ menu to find out how far away you are
  • Latitude and Longitude \(55^{\circ} 55' N, 3^{\circ} 10' W\)
  • IOTA ID: EU–005 Great Britain
  • WAB Square: NT27 (I think!)
  • email:
  • Twitter: @mm0gyg

If the above isn’t quite enough here’s my Biography!

Thanks for your interest and I hope to meet you further down the log.

I play about with electronics and radio in my spare time. Find out what in my blog.